Shaping Destinies

ShapingdesitnieslogoShaping Destinies is a digital learning tool for pre-service teachers to better understand the complexities of wellbeing and engagement  amongst youth at risk by recognising the way social determinants of health, together with risk and protective events, influence a student’s journey through school.

Shaping Destinies draws on years of secondary research to understand the complexities young people are facing when they disengage from school and what strategies can support them in re-engaging with learning. It combines this with primary research, including interviews with over 300 young people at risk: young people who are struggling with rurality; homelessness; drug and alcohol issues; mental health; caring roles; juvenile justice and/or gender identification. Many of these young people identify as Aboriginal or refugees.

Shaping Destinies is currently under development. It was conceived, researched and written by Susanne Koen of Infoquest Pty Ltd.