Writing and editing workshops

Give a man a fish and you feed him for day: teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

With five years experience of tutoring and guest lecturing professional writing undergraduates at UniSA and as a sought after writer and editor, I am well equipped to meet your training needs. I have run a number of tailored writing and editing workshops for teachers, school principals and administrators.

The skills of writing and editing are vastly different.CEO workshop3

The writer’s hat

Writing calls on creative input: to begin with, you just need to get some ideas down. At the writing stage, the inner critic should be banished. But you also need to bear in mind for whom you are writing and why you are writing. Context is also important: is this a newsletter? A blog? An academic paper? Each will require different writing styles and, if you are writing for someone else, there may be writing styles and style sheets you need to adhere to.

You also need to write with and for engagement: there is no point in writing at all if your writer is disinterested in what you have to say. How can you engage them and get them on board?

The editor’s hat

Editing, on the other hand, calls on the inner critic to analyse the crafting of the message to ensure it is suited to your audience and purpose using a staged process. This is the time to consider your structure: is it balanced? Does it lead your reader through the text?

Many writers get into difficulty by attempting to both write and edit simultaneously.

My writing and editing workshops take you through the distinct phases of writing and editing, from creating an outline and writing your first draft, to rewriting and editing.

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