A passionate writer

As a writer and researcher, I am passionate about social inclusion in education and strategies to improve life for kids at risk. I’ve been heavily immersed in programs that promote wellbeing and better educational outcomes for young people, including low SES, Aboriginal, and refugee students. Along the way, I’ve learned quite a bit about school disengagement and the barriers to learning; child protection; drugs and alcohol; disabilities; mental health; homelessness and juvenile justice, as well as innovative pedagogies to engage young people. And I’ve been privileged, not only to meet and interview over 300 young people at risk, but also to tell their stories in books and conference papers so that people listen and take note.

So, as a self-starter who thrives on challenge, you can bet that I’ll find some point of interest to engage me. But I warn you: once I’m hooked, I want to find out everything. Don’t worry—I won’t write it all up, but I can guarantee I’ll find the perfect message to engage your audience so they understand your message.