Excellence in editing

Crafting the overall picture…paying close attention to meta macro microdetail

As an editor, I see my role first and foremost as sitting on the shoulder of the reader; by this I ensure that your message comes across to the reader in the way you had intended, right down to the last detail. A good writer and editor ensures that the reader can engage with the content of the text without having to struggle with its composition and structure.

I strive for nothing short of excellence in editing!

Editing methodology

I edit at the meta, macro and micro level. The meta level concerns structure and the context of the resource amongst texts of its type. The macro level raises queries within the manuscript, such as balance and comprehensive coverage of subject matter, method of delivery and sufficient supporting information. The micro level addresses grammar, spelling and punctuation. Meta, macro and micro are, of course, intertwined.

Editing experience

In a true spirit of collaboration, I work every step of the way with individual clients and/or reference groups.

As both an experienced writer and editor, I bring a greater suite of proficiencies to every communicative text than if I had skills in only one sub-set. This ensures excellence in editing.


‘We are enjoying the richness you bring to our team.’

‘I appreciate your efforts to do this so quickly.’