Susanne Koen: writer, researcher and editor

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Susanne Koen Senior Communications Consultant

I’m a Senior Communications Consultant with a reputation for making complex concepts easy to understand. I ought to be pretty good at this by now, as I’ve got over 20 years experience under my belt, mostly working for South Australian Government. And what my clients see is my commitment to excellence and my drive for continuous improvement. Add to that an insatiably curious mind, that is both creative and critical, and you come out with a professional who loves what they do.

My abilities

So what do I do? I guess basically I make words work. But I’m more than a copy editor.

  • As a writer, I can take your detailed notes and produce a polished piece of work.
  • As a researcher, you can give me an inkling of what you want, and I’ll research and create a refined text.
  • As an editor, I can polish your masterpiece, both by standing on the mountain top to view the bigger picture, and by puddling in the detail to ensure accuracy and precision.

What makes me different is that I can draw all these skills together to ensure your message—whether informative, persuasive or entertaining—gets through to your audience—whether policy makers, parents with limited English skills, or politicians pursuing their own agendas. And to top it off, I can project manage the whole venture.


Just like a two year old, I still ask the question: why? And, like a 10 year old, I want to explore every pathway. And I’m still an 18 year old in my passion to change the world. So I bring that all together as a writer, researcher and editor. Did I mention clients love my brain? Did I tell you they love the way I can be the devil’s advocate?

Read about my achievements and find out what I’m really passionate about as a writer!

So, what can I do for you?

As a proud South Australian small business, I punch above my weight, whilst giving you personal, tailored and dedicated service.

My skills and experience are highly transferable. As a committed lifelong learner, I thrive on seeking out new information and understandings to enhance your project by:

  • bringing my entrepreneurial skills as a senior communications consultant to produce top quality written communications
  • collaborating with you in editing your material by shaping it to your purpose and audience
  • tailoring writing and editing workshops to meet your communication needs
  • working for or alongside you by undertaking research, including market and social research.

Contact me to find out how I can manage your publication program: with 21st century technology, you don’t even have to be based in South Australia!

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